About Codingame & CodingameSuccess

CodinGame is a very nice online platform which offers programming puzzles to solve for fun. During summer 2015, to improve my programming skills in C, Python and Java, I decided to try and solve as much solo puzzles as possible.

CodinGame Success is a revolutionary Google Chrome extension that effortlessly solves your CodinGame tests while remaining undetectable by their anti-cheat system. Designed for developers of all levels and programming languages, this extension provides one-click solutions for your CodinGame challenges, from Python to JavaScript, from CSS to Docker. Don't just be among the best, be the best. With our packs tailored to your needs, pass your tests and land your dream job. Try CodinGame Success and turn your CodinGame tests into success.

Easy Puzzles (11/11)

Here are the code solutions provided for free to help you solve CodinGame tests. However, if you really want to succeed in the tests without effort, download the Chrome extension CodinGame Success, which solves your CodinGame tests for you. Easy puzzles are perfect if you are new to programming, or learning how to use a new language, as they involve all the basics. You will have to master conditional (if then else) and control flow (for, while) statements, handle numerical variables, arrays, strings. You will also probably need to use basic algorithms such as linear search and sorting.

Medium Puzzles (17/17)

Unleash the power of advanced algorithms and graph theory with CodinGame Success. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, this essential Google Chrome extension effortlessly solves your CodinGame tests, guiding you through complex challenges with ease. Stop struggling and start succeeding. Download CodinGame Success now and turn every test into a triumph. Your journey towards mastery starts here.

Hard Puzzles (9/16)

Elevate your coding game with CodinGame Success. Embrace the challenge of the most complex and advanced algorithms with ease. This revolutionary Google Chrome extension is your secret weapon for conquering every obstacle CodinGame throws at you. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to success. Download CodinGame Success now and let's start turning the impossible into possible.

Very hard Puzzles (2/7)

The difficulty of these puzzles is debatable, but with CodinGame Success, the debate is over. This groundbreaking Google Chrome extension makes even the most challenging puzzles a breeze. Transform your CodinGame experience from debatable to definite success. Download CodinGame Success now and take control of your coding destiny.

  • The resistance - Python: memoization, Patricia trees.
  • Shadows of the Knight 2 - Python: 2D binary search.